Simplify your subpoena process today.

A complete subpoena services solution - via your smartphone.

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Complete fully integrated system

Cloud based and environmentally conscious.


We will integrate your case management program with iSubpoena - on your smartphone and the web for a seamless solution to your subpoena services.


Our web based application allows for entries, reports and management of all your subpoena service needs. Any time and any where - it's ready when you are.


iSubpoena reduces the need for printed subpoenas. All of the features including the reporting system is fully integrated or available digitally through devices.

Minimize administrative costs

District Attorney Offices both large and small can benefit.

Smaller District Attorney Offices can utilize the web-based application for their subpoena services. Case Management System integration with large District Attorney's Offices will automate the entire process and will handle thousands of subpoenas.

With or without the smartphone app, the iSubpoena service will email those who do not have the app.

Technology truly at work for you.

Connecting your subpoena service to the technology resources you need.

The iSubpoena service is a revolutionary service which will eliminate the need for personal or sub-service of subpoenas to professionals within the court system.

Law Enforcement Officers, Interpreters, Experts witnesses, Probation Officers and any regularly used professionals in court cases can utilize the iSubpoena service with associated smartphone application.

The iSubpoena service has both a web based application and a smartphone integration available. Push all of your subpoenas through the automated integration with your current case management system or utilize the web based application for input, reporting, and management. iSubpoena sends emails for users without the smartphone application.


Flexible solutions for your Subpoena needs.

The iSubpoena technology provides a total end to end solution.

Web based and smartphone reporting allows law enforcement management to enhance time management of personnel. Immediate notifications of court date and time changes allow better shift management and reduce court standby costs.